Effective Corporate Outplacement

A family-owned-and-operated electrical contractor, Strouse Electric Co., Inc. is a trusted name for commercial and some residential clients throughout New Jersey. Our crew, backed by more than 30 years of experience, is made up of electricians and project managers who have
vast knowledge in all facets of electrical work and have completed projects for industrial and commercial clients, including retail and medical facilities.
When faced with corporate outplacement, turn to our company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Individual Employment Services has the expertise and skills to effectively guide you into a new chapter in your life.

Your company has made the decision to restructure, reorganize, right-size, or lay off one or more employees. It has also made the decision to provide outplacement to the targeted individuals. Now you're wondering where to go, what considerations to evaluate, and what kind of firm is right for you.

Let Individual Employment Services help with our full line of services. We will:
Corporate -employment services in Portsmouth, NH
• Confidentially Manage Your Restructuring
• Help You Avoid Separation Litigation
• Separate Employees from a Company Using an Outplacement Service to Secure Job Offers in 1/3 Less the Time

Group Workshops

Individual Employment Services also provides group workshops in career transition/reemployment. Include are:
• Job Interview
• Résumés—Résumés & Cover Letters Written by C.P.R.W
• Salary Negotiation & Evaluation of Job Offers
• Job Assessment—Vocational, Personality, & Aptitude Tests

How Does Your Business Benefit

When you choose Individual Employment Services, you enjoy a plethora of benefits. Consider the following:

• 78% of Companies Surveyed in 2008 Recognized the Positive Benefit of Using an Outplacement Company
• Separated Employees from a Company Using an Outplacement Service Secure Job Offers in 1/3 Less Time than Companies Not Using Outplacement
• Faster Reemployment Lowers the Company's Severance Costs as They Relate to Unemployment & Insurance Benefits
• Separation Litigation Is 25% Less Likely in Companies Using Outplacement
• 88% of Employees Surveyed Using Company-Provided Outplacement Services Believed This to Be a Positive Benefit
Contact Individual Employment Services for the results you're looking for.