Valuable Executive Coaching

Set yourself up for success in the business world with executive coaching from Individual Employment Services in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Our valuable services:
• Improve &/or Modifies Performance & Productivity
• Develop the Necessary Skills for Promotion, Career Advancement, & Leadership Development
• Assist with New Work Roles
• Improve Communication Skills & Relationships
Man and Woman -employment services in Portsmouth, NH

The Process

• Intake—State Problem, Consider Corporate (Employer) & Individual (Employee) Perceptions, Review Performance & Career Development Needs, & Identify Critical Issues
Assessment—Interview Employee & Standardize Job Assessment Tools & Input from Human Resources, Line Management, & Other Sources
Data Collection—Interpret Test Results & Interviews, & Provide Feedback
Action Plan Development—Present Recommendations & Develop Goals & Strategies
Coaching Sessions—Provide Ongoing One-on-One Sessions with Coaches (Can Be Supplemented by Telephone & Email Communication)
Evaluation & Follow-up—Monitor Progress throughout Coaching Process & Determine If Performance & Behavior Have Changed in a Positive Way
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